Orlando – Top Things Guests Want In A Hotel

If you own or manage a hotel, it’s important to consider all of the things that potential guests are looking for when they are trying to decide on a hotel they’d like to stay in. There are many factors that can help a person determine whether or not they’ll choose a certain hotel, and cleanliness has a lot to do with their decision. Here at Classic Commercial Services, we care about the cleanliness of your hotel, and we believe that having your hotel’s carpets professionally cleaned is one way to ensure a clean visit for guests. To learn more about what guests are looking for in a hotel, keep reading. To schedule your commercial carpet cleaning for your Orlando hotel, call Classic Commercial Services today.

What Guests Want When Staying In A Hotel


Guests will usually pick a hotel in large part due to its location and its correlation with their planned activities. However, some guests are likely to choose a hotel that may be a bit more out of their way if the reviews are good and the amenities are alluring. With most people renting cars on their vacations, it’s easy for guests to pick a hotel based on preference over location if a hotel can offer better rooms, cleanliness, and amenities than other hotels that may be closer to the area they’re planning to visit. If you can offer guests what they want, they may choose your hotel regardless of its location.


As we’ve mentioned, cleanliness is an important factor in a potential guest’s decision to stay at your hotel. If potential guests hear from friends, read reviews, or have had a previous experience at your hotel that proved that your hotel is not up to par when it comes to cleanliness standards, this will reduce the likelihood of getting the business you’re hoping for. When it comes to cleanliness at your hotel, guests are looking for clean flooring including clean carpet, along with clean tile and grout, clean bathrooms, clean upholstery, clean bedding, and overall smudge-free rooms. When you need commercial carpet cleaning for your Orlando hotel, along with other commercial cleaning services, we can help you here at Classic Commercial Services.

Exceptional Housekeeping

Along with the deep cleaning you’ll need from the professionals here at Classic Commercial Services of Orlando for commercial carpet cleaning services and more, you’ll also need an exceptional housekeeping staff to keep up with the day to day cleaning in your hotel. Guests are likely going to want their linens changed frequently, if not daily, along with trash removal and fresh towels in order to feel comfortable in their rooms. If guest’s rooms are not being cleaned well or if they’re not getting the items that they need for their stay, such as shampoo and conditioner refills, replenished coffee supplies, and counters cleaned, they’re going to notice the lack of attention to detail.


When you include options like free breakfast, free WiFi, free parking, a complimentary gym and business center, along with a swimming pool and spa area, guests are sure to be happy. If a guest is already paying a premium to stay at your hotel, even just for a night, any added amenities will boost a guest’s positive perception of your hotel and increase the likelihood that they’ll choose your hotel, enjoy staying there, and recommend it to friends or plan to come back themselves. Guests are less likely to be intrigued by a hotel that charges additional costs for things like parking and WiFi, which they’re likely going to need. Things like extra soft towels, good TV channels, and complimentary bottled water in rooms also go a long way in adding to guest’s enjoyment.

Friendly Staff

Your employees are going to play a pretty big role in whether or not your guests enjoy their stay at your hotel. Superior customer service and offering solutions to your guest’s problems are going to be key in ensuring a good stay for guests. Your hotel staff should be knowledgeable about the hotel itself and where everything is located, as well as nearby attractions, restaurants, and other services guests might need.

To ensure that your guests are satisfied, start by guaranteeing a clean and comfortable stay in your hotel that starts with clean carpets. To schedule your commercial carpet cleaning for your Orlando hotel, call us here at Classic Commercial Services today.