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Atlanta – Why Commercial Carpet Cleaning is Good for Your Bottom Line

Just about everybody has had this experience. You walk into a local business, and there’s something…off about it. Maybe there’s excessive clutter, or perhaps there’s a strange smell that you just can’t ignore, or maybe the carpeting is a little ratty and dingy. For a business, that’s a problem, but for a company that’s in the hospitality industry, that’s just this side of apocalyptic.

Sure, there are plenty of quality companies out there that are a little disorganized. We don’t want to be shallow, but the fact is, the physical condition of a business is critically important, and primarily because it’s the first impression a visitor sees. If a client or a guest strolls into your facility and notices an old stain on the carpeting that nobody could quite remove, they are liable to draw the conclusion that you’re just willing to let certain things slide. If the same guest sees carpeting that has been haphazardly cleaned, they will start to wonder what else you cut corners on in your professional life.

In the long term, it’s worth it to partner with one of Atlanta’s best commercial carpet cleaners for regularly scheduled cleaning. A few reasons you might not have considered are:

  • It’s tough to keep your business in the black if your employees are constantly getting sick. In fact, absenteeism can have a sizeable impact on your business. According to a 2013 study performed by the Society for Human Resource Management, factoring in the costs of paid time off due to replacement workers, wages, and overtime is approximately equal to 15% of payroll. The study also found that the average supervisor spends about 4 ½ hours  per week dealing with absences, which means they are spending time finding replacements, handling training, and readjusting workflow. But when you take the time to clean the carpets regularly, viruses and bacteria are reduced dramatically. Plus, molds, pollen, dust, and other allergens love to hang out in carpeting and make people sick. Carpet cleaning is a cost-effective way to get your employees back to work.
  • Speaking of getting your employees back to work, when your people are healthier, they’re happier. Happy employees will get more done, and they’ll perform their tasks more efficiently and effectively. You also won’t need to assign employees to handle cleaning duties that are better left to the professional. As a result, you’ll see productivity climb steadily, along with employee morale.
  • To reiterate a point we made earlier, appearances are everything, especially in the hospitality industry. It’s bad enough that a shabby facility can create a lousy first impression and chase business away. Worse yet, social media is a massively powerful tool for spreading information. All it takes is one customer to take a picture of a dirty carpet on their smartphone and post it on their social media profile. Their friends, family, and work associates will also see that, and future business will absolutely evaporate.

Most of us don’t think too much about the carpeting under our feet, but canny facilities managers recognize that it’s all about the little things. Contact us today for a quote, and let us help your business look like its best self.