Orlando – How Clean Upholstery Benefits Your Health

Running a business means that multiple people are likely going in and out of your store or office on a regular basis. Whether you have customers, clients, or employees coming and going, there are a lot of different ways dirt and bacteria can be brought into your place of business and left on your furniture’s upholstery. Most offices and stores want to give people a comfortable place to sit as they wait for help or sit to go over details in a meeting. However, the upholstery of the furniture your customers, clients, and employees are sitting on is likely not as clean as it should be.

The cleanliness of the upholstery in your place of business can directly affect the health of the people who come into contact with it. To learn about the ways in which clean upholstery can benefit your health, keep reading! By the end of this article, we promise you’ll want to call for the help of the professional upholstery cleaners here at Classic Commercial Services of Orlando to ensure your furniture’s upholstery is healthy and clean.

How Dirty Upholstery Affects Your Health

Upholstery is an easy place for dirt, debris, and bacteria to collect. If you’re not regularly cleaning your furniture’s upholstery, it is likely filled with allergens that could cause health problems for the people who come into contact with it, such as coughing, asthma, skin rashes, and catching illnesses from the bacteria that is trapped. When you clean upholstery on a regular basis, you will be able to remove the microorganisms and bacteria that are making your furniture an unhealthy place to sit. Not to mention, if food is ever consumed on the furniture in your place of business, the dust particles from the furniture that are filled with dirt and bacteria can easily mingle with the food you’re eating, making it less healthy for consumption. Even if the people in your place of business simply complain about a clogged nose or difficulty breathing, it can be linked to the dust particles from the upholstery that get displaced when sit down and then are breathed in through your nose or mouth.

The Benefits Of Clean Upholstery For Your Health

When your furniture’s upholstery is cleaned, all of the dirt, debris, and bacteria that can cause health problems is removed. While simply vacuuming upholstery can work to remove dirt and dust that has settled on the furniture, it doesn’t work to remove the bacteria that may be stuck in the fabric. Here at Classic Commercial Services of Orlando, we offer steam extraction and dry cleaning services that are able to remove oil, grease, stains, and bacteria. With clean upholstery, you’ll almost certainly begin to notice a difference in the way you’re breathing, there will be less irritation for your nose and eyes, and irritants will no longer remain to bother your skin. You will also no longer have to worry about picking up any germs that could be lingering on your furniture’s upholstery.

Drapery Cleaning

In addition to the upholstery in your place of business, any drapery or curtains that you have are also prone to the same kind of dirt, dust, and bacteria accumulation. We offer the same, superior steam extraction and dry cleaning services for drapes as we do for upholstery. Not only do you have to worry about the way in which upholstery and drapery are affecting the health of the people in your place of business, but dusty and dirty upholstery and drapes can also begin to smell, which will decrease the enjoyment that customers, clients, and employees will have when they’re in your office or store. When you call Classic Commercial Services to help with your upholstery cleaning and drape cleaning needs, you’ll be certain that your place of business will be clean and your upholstery and drapes will look, feel, and smell as good as new.

Be sure to protect the health of the people who are doing business with you, and make your place of business more welcoming by calling the professional upholstery cleaners you can trust. We are happy to provide our services for hotels, medical facilities, retail stores, restaurants, churches, clubs, and more! Contact us here at Classic Commercial Services of Orlando today to schedule an appointment for the upholstery cleaning your furniture needs.