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The Benefits of Outsourcing our Specialized Cleaning

Let Us Do the Dirty Work For You

Are you considering outsourcing the cleaning of your facility? Classic Commercial Services has been in the business of cleaning all types of hospitality facilities for over four decades and we know a thing or two about the benefits of hiring CCS to do the dirty work for you. We can answer the specialized needs that hospitality facilities have.

Specialized Services

Not all cleaners are equal. You can’t reasonably ask the crew that normally makes beds or empties the trash cans to do specialized work such as cleaning upholstery.
Specialized tasks such as upholstery, drapes, or even floor cleaning, requires specific knowledge and the right equipment.
Even if you have some of the equipment, matching the right technique to the material at hand takes training and experience.

Classic Commercial Services specializes in several cleaning tasks that require training, know-how and attention to detail.

Floor Care: we are experts in floor care of all kinds

  • Green Steam Clean™ Carpet Cleaning
  • Dry Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning & Restoration
  • Natural Stone Maintenance & Restoration
  • Floor Stripping & Waxing
  • Anti-slip Floor Protection & Maintenance

Fabric Care

  • Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning
  • Drapery Steam Cleaning

Smoking / Pet Conversions

  • Smoking to Non-smoking Conversion
  • Pet Room Conversion and Odor Control

Emergency Services

  • 24 / 7 Water Damage Restoration
  • Sewage & Biohazard

Other Services

  • FreshAir™ PTAC / Coil Cleaning
  • Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning & Blind Repair
  • Stain Protection

Management of Cleaning Staff

When you outsource your specialized cleaning staff, you free yourself from the administrative duties involved with yet, more employees. Let Classic Commercial Services do all the interviewing,hiring, training and supervising. You simply book our services and let us go to work! This means we handle all their paperwork from their W-2 to the FICA withholdings. Other responsibilities such as workman’s comp and insurance are also our purview, freeing your finances and human resources. Everything from paperwork to uniforms and the maintenance of expensive equipment is our job. There are no worries for you. This frees you up to take care of your other duties and taking care of your guests.

Staff Training

It doesn’t make a lot of fiscal sense to hire and train specialized staff when you don’t have to. Let Classic commercial do that for you. A great example of this is the IICRC training all of our floor technicians undergo. All of our employees are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration which means they know how to appropriately clean and treat a large number of materials to get the optimum clean. Because the scope of our cleaning services is limited and specialized, we are able to stay up-to-date on all the latest advances in technology and technique.

Expert Quality Control

The quality control aspect of supervising specialized staff is a job in and of itself and requires specialized training too. For instance, how can you know if your staff is using the correct techniques to clean a natural stone floor if you yourself don’t know? We do know, and we have high-quality standard that we uphold on every job. This too frees you up to take care of the behind the scenes running of your hospitality business.


Just like you could install your car stereo or tile in your bathroom, hiring an experienced expert is more efficient because they know the ins and out of the job and can thus, do it faster and better. The same can be said of specialized cleaning services that are offered by Classic Commercial Services. Whether it’s a biohazard clean-up job, or stripping and waxing a floor, we know how to get in and out fast. When we come in, get the job done, and are gone quickly, it means the least amount of inconvenience to you and your guests or customers. Our highly efficient staff gets the job done fast, and does it to the highest standards that we at Classic Commercial Services uphold at all times.


When you call us for emergency water restoration or a 4 a.m. bio-hazard clean up, you are not going to get sent to voicemail or be told that we can’t make it. Unlike employees on your own payroll who might decide to ditch a day when there is some nasty work waiting for them, we show up and get the dirty work done. Our company is on call 24 /7 and we always have staff on standby to answer any calls we get.

Stops Cross Contamination

Because our staff cleans the floors, upholstery, and other services, and does not clean the bathrooms or kitchens, the chance of cross contamination is very limited. Whether you run a hotel, a casino, or a convention center, the last thing you need to be dealing with is finding ground zero of an outbreak of some contagion. We use extremely strict protocols for dealing with bio-hazard cleanup and having the staff in charge of these types of duties outsourced keeps the chances of cross-contamination at a minimum.

When you are ready to learn more about outsourcing your specialized cleaning, call Classic Commercial Services.