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ATLANTA – Commercial Carpet Cleaning How To Extend Carpet Life

Carpet is the most affordable and durable floor covering options available. It is also one of the least expensive flooring types to maintain if a proper maintenance plan is in place. We have over our 43 years in business, we have noticed that there is a big misconception about how often you should clean your carpeting. Often times, many wait to have the carpets deep cleaned until the carpet is heavily soiled or because of customer/resident complaints. The problem with this process is the carpet will become damaged from the excess soil embedded in the carpet fibers causing early wear and discoloration. This is usually noticed in entrance areas, heavy traffic areas/hallways, and in food/beverage areas where spills are common. By waiting until the carpet is heavily soiled to clean, the carpet life will significantly decline each day that passes.

A carpet cleaning maintenance plan, along with a daily/weekly preventative maintenance spot cleanings can help achieve huge cost savings from carpet replacement. A full carpet replacement can cost anywhere from $10.00 – $25.00 a square foot. This is one of the biggest reasons a regular carpet cleaning maintenance program is important. The price for cleaning essentially pays for itself with the cost savings from replacement.

Some other benefits of regular carpet cleaning maintenance for your condominium building are:

  1. Building Image: Cleanliness is one of the biggest factors that a resident or new potential buyer will judge a condominium building. When carpeting and other flooring materials are properly maintained, this will provide a positive experience. Remember that a person will never compliment you for having clean carpet, but they will judge you for having dirty carpet!
  2. Higher Property Value: A building that has soiled carpets in the resident hallways or other common areas risk a decline in property values based on potential resident’s impression that the building is poorly managed.
  3. Higher Resident Satisfaction: One of the biggest complaints from residents is cleanliness. When a resident pays monthly fees, they have certain expectations about how the building is maintained. If they notice that the common areas are soiled, they will get a negative impression of the building management. Regular carpet maintenance will help provide a higher satisfaction and happier resident.
  4. Improves Indoor Air Quality: Did you know that your carpeting is the biggest air filter in your building? Carpet filters the air more than your HVAC systems do. The best thing about carpet is the soil remains in the fibers unlike tile and other hard surface flooring materials where all of the soil on the ground never settles and is constantly being put back in the air you breath. Having this large filter (carpet) regularly cleaned will help greatly improve indoor air quality. Just like your HVAC filter when it gets dirty the air filtration process declines, if carpet is dirty it has the same affect.

As you can see, there are so many reasons why an effective regular carpet cleaning maintenance plan is essential for all condo buildings. Even though carpet cleaning is often one of the least priorities, just like regular janitorial services, scheduled carpet cleaning maintenance is essential.

Since 1973, Classic Commercial Services has provided carpet, tile, and textile cleaning services to some of the most prestigious hotels, restaurants, and residential buildings.  It would be our pleasure to provide a complementary cleaning assessment and estimate to help solve any cleaning challenges you are facing. We can even offer you a demonstration cleaning so you can see the before/after results. We love a challenge so bring us your hardest to clean areas!

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This article was written by Justin Longenbach, President and CEO of Classic Commercial Services.