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Atlanta – 5 Tips For Preserving Your Facility’s Carpeting

As a facility manager, it always pays to play the long game. When you make an investment in time, in personnel, or in finances, you have to make decisions that don’t just pay off in the short term, but months and years down the road. The carpeting that covers the floors of your facility is no different.

The fact is if your guests notice the carpet, that probably means that there’s a problem. It should ideally be clean, attractive, and fully functional. Initially, laying commercial carpeting can be a high investment. But the fact is, the longer the same carpeting is used, the less it affects your budget. As one of Atlanta’s premiere commercial carpet cleaning, we know from experience that a regular maintenance schedule for your carpeting has tangible benefits. It creates a solid and professional impression for guests, boosts morale for employees, and it can act as an environmental filter and improve the surrounding air.

Read on for 5 smart ways to keep your carpeting looking its best.

  1. It’s a fact that the best way to tackle a problem is to make sure the problem doesn’t occur in the first place. Since you’re fighting a near-constant battle against dirt on the carpeting, you’re better off keeping it outdoors where it belongs. A wise move is to invest in walk-off mats for the entrances. These mats help to trap soil and prevent it from settling deep into carpeting. If you’re looking for the optimal results, install mats outside and inside entrances.
  2. This might see like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised by how many facilities cut corners when it comes to regular vacuuming. This cleaning method is arguably the most effective means of removing dirt and debris, and how frequently you vacuum is influenced mostly by traffic patterns. Entry points and high-traffic corridors will need more frequent vacuuming as opposed to less well-travelled executive offices. Cleaning personnel should be properly trained to vacuum. Slow passes across the carpeting are more efficient than rapid strokes, and heavily trafficked areas will likely need passes both backward and forwards to extract soil.
  3. Inevitably, spots will appear on the carpet. With quick action, they won’t stay for long. When a spill occurs, it should be blotted and rinsed with water immediately. Next, apply a trusted spotter or absorbent powder to remove the stain, then rinse again thoroughly with clean water. When cleaning a spill, work from the edges towards the center, and don’t rub the stain as it can permanently discolor carpet strands.
  4. Take the time to schedule interim cleaning on a regular basis. Pile lifting and dry cleaning will help the carpet to retain its original color for a longer period of time, and it will prevent dirt from settling in long term.
  5. No matter how much regular maintenance you do, some amount of dirt will inevitably settle in and remain. From time to time, a smart move is to schedule deep carpet cleaning. By using hot water extraction, this cleaning method is ideal for removing embedded dirt and restoring the appearance of your carpeting. A mix of light cleaning solution and hot water is sprayed into the carpet, loosens soil, and powerful extraction removes it completely.